Doug Proctor Experience designer

Event e-commerce

Design process

Understanding existing behaviour

Key takeaways from analytics research: huge dropoffs on the event listing page, IE8 support required (design implications), mobile support important.

Interaction and user stories

Mapping out and documenting the key steps from start to finish for all user types.

Sketching from the inside out

I started by sketching individual pieces of functionality before thinking about page layouts. I didn’t want to have to shoe-horn modules into unsuitable layouts later on.

Prototyping the menu

A multi-level menu for mobile is hard to justify and hard to pull off.

Developing the visual design language

Since the sketches covered almost all of the key functionality, I could save a few weeks of wireframing by skipping straight into visual design and art direction.

Just add HTML, CSS and a back-end (that takes 8 months to build)—et voilà